• How much does it cost to stamp concrete?

    The range to pour and stamp concrete is $9-$10 per square foot.
  • Is the concrete colored all the way through once poured?

    Yes, we only pour and stamp what is called integral color which is added to the concrete truck once it arrives on site.
  • Why are other stamped concrete companies cheaper?

    Most stamp companies use what is called shake on color which is cheaper to install than integral color.
  • Why is that process cheaper?

    That process is cheaper because the concrete ordered is 2500 psi which is the minimum strength concrete and a color harder is applied to the surface and stamped into the weaker sub base to get the desired effect.
  • What is the strength of the integral colored concrete you use?

    4000 psi with fiberglass and we use a smalled gravel than the standard mix which makes tighter longer lasting concrete.
  • Can I just color the concrete without stamping it?

    Yes we can use the same mix and pour and finish.
  • Do you use re-bar in your concrete?

    Yes, if needed.
  • What is the thickness of the concrete?

    For a patio we will use 4" and for an area of heavy traffic, we will use 6" or more depending on the engineering specifications.