• How is polishing concrete a green living process?

    Concrete for most floor applications has to be installed, the reason why it is a green process is because we are not buying any products such as tile or wood to apply over the top of the concrete. We work with what is on site and buy no other products.
  • Are there any VOC's (Volatile organic compounds) (such as paint, glue, epoxy) Associated with polishing?

    No, the polishing process is a process of various grits of diamond's starting at a low grit and changing until we are at a high polish.
  • What does the surface look like when done?

    The final finish will depend on the concrete itself, If the concrete is polish-able it will give a modeled look.
  • Can you color the surface also?

    Yes, we can color the finish in one or multiple colors and create designs using a diamond saw to give grout lines in any design requested.
  • What is the cost to polish concrete?

    The cost's vary from $6-$12 per square foot.
  • Why does the cost vary so much?

    The costs are based on how many passes are needed to polish the concrete.
  • What determines how many passes will be needed and the specifics?

    The concrete condition and also the desired finish. Concrete in bad uneven rough condition will require a lot of grinding passes to clean up which makes for more passes and more diamonds used to clean up. Also final look may be a high sheen or a low sheen which will determine more or less passes to complete.
  • Will color effect the price?

    Yes, adding color and Decorative saw cuts will add more work and time for the project and will cost more per square foot.
  • If my budget does not permit polishing and my concrete is in good clean smooth condition can I color and finish my surface at a lower price?

    If your concrete is is good condition and you are happy with the texture we can clean the surface and soak in a liquid dye. Once dyed we seal the surface and than use a high speed burner to seal and finish.
  • What does that cost?

    That finish will be in the $4 per square foot range.
  • If I just want color and a semi smooth surface can I do that also?

    We can grind to any desired effect needed and base the price on the work requested.
  • If I have a large area does the price go down?

    Yes, on larger sites we can use larger equipment and drop the price based on the larger square footage.
  • What are some sites you can refer to so I know what I am looking at instead of a picture?

    All Home Depots are now done using polished floors, they are stopping the grit level at an 400-800(Lower Sheen Surface), Also Whole Foods polishes all store floor with integral color and they look for a high sheen of a 3000 (High Sheen Polish).
  • Do you have any websites I can visit?

    Yes, we have many locations for you to visit once we know the desired look you are looking for.